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The Elite Northern Lights Tour with Homemade Hot Chocolate | Small Group

What to expect on this northern light tour

🥇Reykjavik Outventure is the highest rated Northern Lights operator in Iceland 🥇
✅ You get FREE photos of you with the Northern Lights in high quality 💯
✅ You can pay in your own currency(USD, EUR, GBP and more) you choose it in top right corner in booking process 💯
✅ You get hot chocolate to warm you up in the cold 💯
✅ You get cinnamon buns so you do not get hangry 💯
✅ You get a wool blanket from the best possible fabric to keep you warm 💯
✅ This is a small group tour to make your experience the best 💯
✅ You get an experienced local guide to make your chance the highest of seeing the lights 💯
✅ You can join as many times again if you do not see the Northern Lights. No limit 💯
✅ You get the best service because everyone involved wants to make your experience the best possible 💯
✅ This tour is run by a small family company 💯

Last but not least!
✅ For you to have the best possible experience, we have collected the elite of guides in Iceland, to make sure your experience will be unforgettable! 💯

Duration :

3 - 5 hours

Prize :


Max Person :


Photos, blankets, Cinnamon buns & Hot chocolate

We are Northern Lights specialists

❓Iceland can be very tricky! We deal with clouds here in Iceland
❓So why book with a trusted company that are experts in Northern Lights?
✅ It raises your chances a lot!
✅ We have a weather specialist on our team.
✅ This company also has the best record in seeing Northern Lights 💯
✅ The guides in this company have been guiding Northern Lights for years.
✅ So with the mix of this team, you will not get better chance of seeing the Northern Lights 💯

Our experienced and elite collection of local guides enjoy showing our guests all the wonders our beautiful island has to offer!

Reykjavik Outventure decided to create a tour the has the most value, for the best price possible.


Reykjavik Outventure found a way to bring together the best Northern Lights guides in Iceland, so it will have the elite of guides guiding those tours.

Everything in and around these tours is done to keep the highest quality.


✅ Best Northern Lights cameras.

✅ Best Northern Lights lenses

✅ Best Northern Lights guides

✅ Only Mercedes Benz Sprinters are used for these tours

✅ The best possible fabric for our blankets, which is wool

✅ Real hot chocolate. Made with chocolate plates and milk

✅ Cinnamon buns that are baked with a lot of love in the best bakery in Iceland

What happens if I don´t see any lights?
If you will miss the Northern Lights, you can come again for free while you are staying in Iceland. If you can not make it, you can come back any time you want. Send us an e-mail at


What to wear? This is Iceland. Wear something warm like a parka, warm pants, a cap, gloves, and warm shoes. And do not forget the most important thing – Your smile 🙂

The beauty of nature is you cannot control it. Instead, nature can take total control over you. It will take you from one end of the planet to the other one. It can make you fall in love or it can make you hate it. It can make you breathless or it can make you mad. Northern lights tours in Reykjavik will make you remember that. Reykjavik Tours is there to please you.

This is the best game ever. This is why the Northern Lights are named after a Greek goddess, “Aurora”. They are the most spectacular thing nature can create. Seeing this Greek goddess dance all around the sky takes all of your words away.

Reykjavik Outventure is a small family-owned operator with a huge heart that creates high-quality experiences for tourists. We specialize in small group northern lights tour Iceland where the guests get to taste things and visit places they would usually not except with a local guide.
Reykjavik Outventure’s team consists of experienced local guides who are here to make your days the best possible.

Northern Light Tour Description

It often makes the mind wander to about 1200 years ago when Iceland´s settlers came to this island and stood under this fantastic spectacle and surely they wondered what Odin and Thor and Freyja were trying to tell them. Our guide will pick you and your group up at your accommodation and we will head out of town in search of these lights. We will head into darkness as the light pollution from human beings spoils the true effect and grandeur of these amazing communication relays from the Gods.

Hopefully, we will see them. The conditions have to be right as we can´t see them unless it´s a clear night sky and a few clouds to block the view. But the Aurora Borealis answer to no man. It´s a chase. If the lights appear they do, but they don´t seem to care what humans think about them. But you will get a cup of hot chocolate just like grandma used to make and delicious pastries from Bread and Co on the site. And hopefully, you will get a message from one of the Gods.


Pick-up times:

August 20th to September 11th between 21:30 – 22:00
September 12th to March 31st between 20:30 – 21:00
April 1st to 23rd between 21:30 – 22:00
April 24th to May 3rd between 23:00 – 23:30


We pick you up from hotels, guesthouses, or your closest bus stop if you are located in the downtown area of Reykjavik. See bus stops here.

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