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Glacier hike & Treasure island

 This tour is a little extreme, but it takes you to the most beautiful ice caves we know about. Your journey will begin by the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon where a super jeep will pick you up and take you on a 30-40 minute ride through the snowy landscape to the glacier edge. From there, we will walk 4km (50-90 minutes) over the scenic glacier to an area called Treasure Island. Once there, we will spend as much time as you need to experience the deep caves. As we are in no hurry, you can explore, enjoy and take photographs until we turn back the same way. This is an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life as your journey into Europe's largest  glacier.

Meeting point
The meeting point for all our trips is at the Jökulsárlón / Glacier lagoon parking lot.

Meeting time
Please be at the Jökulsárlón / Glacier lagoon parking lot 30 minutes before departure.

What‘s included
Included in all our trips is all the safety equipment needed for the tour you are going on. Fx. Helmets and crampons for everyone.

The trip can be anywhere between 5 and 7 hours depending on the conditions on the glacier.

Ice cave rules
In the ice caves we have only a few simple rules
1. Never take of your helmet.
2. Listen to your guide at all times.
3. Don‘t leave any trash

What to wear
We recommend you wear good waterproof hiking shoes, and clothing suited to the weather. Waterproof clothing and outerwear are always best. We also recommend wearing layers as the weather here changes a lot and it‘s nice to be able to remove/put on clothes as needed.

What to bring
For this trip we recommend bringing:
-Sunglasses and also sunscreen if the weather is really good.
-Some lunch

There are no toilets in the ice cave so we recommend you use the facilities at the glacier lagoon before departure.

Fitness level
For this trip you must be fit enough to walk 4 km on the glacier each way.

Age restriction
For this trip we have an age limit of 14 years.

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